Sheroes Persist: Join the call for a feminist COVID-19 recovery

Women have borne the brunt of this pandemic. From a lack of worker protections, to a lack of caregiving support, women are facing unprecedented challenges.

As women, especially racialized workers and workers with disabilities, disproportionately hold low-wage and precarious jobs, the issues of paid sick days, permanent pay raises, and decent work are issues of gender justice.

This International Women’s Day we are calling for an intersectional feminist COVID-19 response. We are calling for a COVID-19 response that provides the protections and support we need to recover.

Join the call to:

  • Demand permanent, provincially legislated paid sick days
  • Institute permanent pay raises for front-line workers
  • Fix the crisis in long-term care by addressing staffing shortages and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions
  • Invest in safe and healthy classrooms
  • Pass MPP Jill Andrew’s Intersectional Gender Equity Strategy which would consider the impact of bills, motions, budgets, and regulations on women


Will you sign?